Opposition Protester. Maidan Square, Kiev, Ukraine. Friday 21st February 2014
A selection of photographs taken from my latest project has been featured on Dazed Digital.
Concrete and Metal Factory. Brovary, Ukraine. March 2014
Hostel Balcony, Kiev, Ukraine. February 2014
A Ukrainian Self Defense Member Builds Barricades in Brovary, Ukraine. 22nd February 2014.
Torched Bus. M05 Highway, Central Ukraine. March 2014.
Whilst driving down to Odessa on the M05 Highway I passed a burnt bus in the center of the road about 2.5 hours drive from Kiev. I photographed it on the return journey to Kiev and shared the story with my Ukrainian contacts after arriving. They explained that the bus contained titushki (Pro Viktor Yanukovich Rent a Thugs) and that a group of self defense members had stopped the bus and forced them to exit and torched the bus. It was explained that in similar cases the buses were seized and re-used, in this case a dramatic statement would appear to have been made.
Since arriving back in the U.K I have found a video of this event on YouTube shot an a mobile phone.
Maidan, Kiev, Ukraine. Sat 22nd Feb 2014
During the Maidan protests in Kiev that eventually lead to the ousting of President Viktor Yanukovich, the brickwork floor of Independence Square had been used in various ways to aid the protesters fight. This included barrier reinforcement and use as missiles against pro-government forces. 
During the funeral processions I witnessed on Saturday 22nd February, I observed these brickwork towers had been re-appropriated as memorial shrines. At this point the protesters were taking time to remember the heroes that had fallen during the struggle, but were still ready to defend the encampment if they were forced to.
Vyshgorod,Ukraine. February 2014
Kiev Periphery. March 2014
Olelesiy, Brovary, Ukraine. Feb 2014
South of Kiev. March 2014
Babylon Building. Kiev, Ukraine. March 2014
I captured this photograph outside the head quarters of Ukrainian civil protest video makers, Babylon 13. This collective of talented videographers have footage that won’t have been aired on mainstream news outlets and give a powerful insight into the events in Maidan that changed history.
Click here to view their work.

Anti Viktor Yanukovich posters. Maidan protest site, Kiev, Ukraine. Feb 2014

Ukrainian Opposition Self-Defense member building barricades outside of Kiev. Brovary, Ukraine. February 2014 

The Photocopy Club Berlin Xerox Submission. 

Today I picked up a selection of A1 Xerox prints for TPC Berlin Exhibition. These images are a part of a series that I photographed during a three week stay in Ukraine. I am currently editing this project at moment. 

I’m going to be releasing a book containing this work and there’s a possibly of producing an photo zine featuring the additional 35mm I shot whilst out there.

Stay tuned for more details.

Saturday 22nd February. Maidan Square, Kiev, Ukraine. 
This image has been taken from my new project and book. More updates to follow.