Tommy Sussex is a photographer currently living and working in Hackney,  London. The images he makes attempt to render an individual social reality that often carries political weight.

His process focuses on self-experience and attempts to navigate that which falls outside of expected photographic reportage, to encompass symbolic gestures and abstracted scenarios.

Sussex is currently developing long-term projects in Eastern and Western Europe whilst shooting for a broad range of commercial clients, including:

Fred Perry, Financial Times Weekend Magazine, Crack Magazine, The Bristol Post, Newstatesman Magazine and Adbusters Magazine.

Images from his recent project titled “Questions of Solidarity”  were recently exhibited at Side Gallery Newcastle as part of the “Youth Rising U.K - 1981 - 2021 exhibition and the RBSA Gallery photography prize 2021.

Commercial portfolio available on request.


︎ @tommy_sussex

Recent Press:

The International Center of Photography -  #ICPCONCERNED: GLOBAL IMAGES FOR GLOBAL CRISIS BOOK - Selected Photographer

Fotonostrum Magazine Issue 21 - In Print and Digital (November 2021)

Fresh Eyes 2021 Exhibition in Rotterdam (October 2021)

British Journal of Photography - Online Feature (August 2021)

RBSA Photography Prize 2021 - Selected Photographer

Youth Rising in the UK 1981-2021 Exhibition @ Side Galley, Newcastle  - Featured Photographer

Fresh Eyes European Talent  2021 - Powered by GUP Magazine

Adbusters.Magazine Issue #155  (In Print) - Featured Photographer  (July/August, 2021)


‘Finding a way home’  Exhibition. English Riviera Photography Showcase 2021 - South West Collective @ The Artizan Gallery -Featured Photographer

Grain Photography Hub Photo Café. Featured Photographer.  (10th February 2021)

Isolate Zine Issue 2
(October 2020)

‘Then There Was Us’  - AND Annual 2020  - Selected Photographer (October, 2020)

International Center of Photography, NYC. #IPC Concerned: Global Images for Global Crisis (August, 2020)  - Featured Photographer

‘Why Now World’  - Interview (June, 2020)
Newstatesman - ‘In Pictures: the Black Lives Matter protests in London’ (June, 2020)

Then There Was Us - Interview (May, 2020)

Huck Magazine - This is 2020: Photos that capture our changing world.  Living through history. (April, 2020)

Ain’t Bad - (February, 2020)

Culture Trip  - Balkan Brass (2019)

Dazed - The Most Exciting New Phtotography Books (July, 2015)

Vice - Photographing the Ukraine Revolution (May, 2015)

Lenscratch - Our Sincere Toils Online Feature (March, 2015)

Splash and Grab Magazine Issue Two: “ How the next generation of photographers are shifting the way that we look at images. As well as how they are adapting to changing spheres.” (2015)


MA Cultural Policy, Relations and Diplomacy  -  Goldsmiths University of London - 2021

Photography BA (Hons) Degree
- The University of the South West of England - 2014

Photography Foundation Degree - The City of Bristol College - 2012


Winner of the South West Graduate Photography Award 2014 - Fotonow CIC