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Parad Magazine Issue Two (France) 2023

PARAD VOLUME II - Magazine and two exhibition launches (L.A & Paris)

Featuring the photographs by: @c.davidsanchez
@barabakaa 234 pages
First edition of 300 copies

Сподіваюсь / To Hope (2022)

On February 24th, 2022, Russia began their full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Over the past 6+ months of air raid sirens, missiles hitting civilian targets, and pure destruction from a familiar evil, a new voice of resilience and hope has emerged from the Ukrainian people. Through photography and text, our new project Сподіваюсь (To HOPE) contrasts the current reality of chaos, tragedy and war with the anticipation of a peaceful, beautiful post-war Ukraine. Moving towards a restored Ukraine requires action now.

Ft. Alec Soth, Alina Prisich, Alina Radomska, Anton Orehov, Artem Nadyozhin, Christopher Nunn, Claudine Doury, Daniel Hud, Daniel Vaysberg, Danil Kotlar, Daria Svertilova, Dima Tolkachov, Dom Marker, Elena Subach, Igor Chekachkov, Ira Lupu, Lesha Berezovskiy, Lisa Bukreyeva, Kateryna Moskalyuk, Maria Matiashova, Mark Neville, Nazar Furyk, Polina Polikarpova, Roma Moskalenko, Sarah Blesener, Sasha Maslov, Sergiy Illy, Serhiy Morgunov, Tommy Sussex, Vadim Khudoliy, Yana Sidash, Yelena Yemchuk, Zhenya Trifonova

Cover Photos: Katerina Kirtoka

Writing: Serhiy Morgunov, Sasha Maslov, Maria Matiashova, Ira Lupu

Profits raised will go to Kyiv Angels and Livyi Bereh, two organizations providing support to Ukrainians affected by the war and those in desperate need on the eastern frontlines.

8x10 inches, 88 pages, perfect bound.


Questions of Solidarity Zine (2022)

Purchase a copy here ︎ http://selectedwork.bigcartel.com/product/questions-of-solidarity-photography-zine-book

Published as a part of the new Museum of Youth Culture exhibition at The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum in Coventry titled 'Grown Up Britain: 100 years of teenage kicks. This group exhibition represents people’s personal experiences of being young from across the UK. Editions of this zine are also available at The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.

The photography zine features black and white and colour film photographs alongside text and excerpts from interviews from my 2020/21 project titled 'Questions of Solidarity'. More from this project here.

Limited to 100 Editions
Digitally Printed
Black and White and Colour Photographs throughout.
Perfect bound PUR Binding.
Gloss Paper.
Signed and Numbered.
Contains additional set of 6x4” digital prints.


Our Sincere Toils 

First release of 500 editions by Bloom Publishing in 2014 - Sold Out 
Second release of Our Sincere Toils in book format in 2022 as a fundraiser for Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine. This fundraiser made £1,136 for Ukrianian Red Cross.
Second release of 200 editions.
Signed and numbered by the artist.
8x10 inch
56 pages
Perfect Binding
Colour Photography
Intro by Dima Tolkachov
Plus additional extras

Purchase a copy here:



What Takes Hold (2015)

Newspaper Zine featuring photographs taken within the Knowle West Council Estate in Bristol during 2015. This work was printed as part of an exhibition at Knowle West Media Center and distrubuted to community members for free. 

28 Page Tabloid Newspaper
Limited to 100 Editions
Digital Printing
Designed by Tommy Sussex
Sold out.